[Review] 10 Most Popular and Must-visit Tourist Places in Batam

Popular Tourist Site in Batam at Riau Islands Province. Its city area consists of Batam Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island and other small islands in the Singapore Strait region and the Malacca Strait. Despite all that, the Batam area is one of the tourist destinations worth taking into account.

The area that enters the Riau Islands Province mehave an amazing charm of beauty. Batam is also known as one of the entrances to Singapore. No wonder this one area has tourist destinations that are no less attractive than existing tourism in Bali and Lombok.

10 Most Popular and Must-visit Tourist Places in Batam

10 Most Popular and Must-visit Tourist Places in Batam
10 Most Popular and Must-visit Tourist Places in Batam

Many tourist attractions can be visited while you are in Batam. Starting with beach tours, unique islands, waterfalls and various other tourist destinations. Curious? Check out this review to the finish of the most popular tourist spot in Batam of 2022 version of JalanTravel.

Pointing Island

Point Island is located to the southeast of Batam Island. Island yesng has an area of approximately 15 hectares. It offers beautiful, breathtaking views. Not just an empty island, it is unique that this area is occupied by only a few heads of families.

The beauty of Point Island can already be witnessed from a distance yesng comes from the dock where you docked. Filled with clean white sand beaches is a complete combination for a backgroud of photos. It is said that the sand on the beach could move away and arise, so the residents encouraged not to sit on the waterfront that drifts far into the sea.

Location: Point Island, Subangmas, Batam City

Open: 24 Hours

Ticket Price: Boat Rental Rp. 75,000/person

Habibie Tourist Park 1000 Stairs

Batam has an amazing tourist park which is Park Habibie Tour 1000 Stairs. The similarity is according to the placekeeper that the area used to be where Mr. B.J. lived. Habibie, the 3rd President of Indonesia. Whereas the 1000 stairs were taken from the conditions of the place which were indeed found to be many stairs.

These tourist destinations are always crowded with visitors when the end the week comes. From here you can see the charm of the sea with large ships because its position is in height. As a dependant view of the beach in Batam, the view of Singapore’s neighboring skyscrapers is also clearly visible from here.

Location: Tj. Sidi, Sekupang Subdistrict, Batam City

Open: 08.00 – 18.00 WIB

Ticket Price: harga

Mubut Island

Mubut Island offers white sandy beaches and keel treeswhat’s shady makes the island so exotic. The charm of white sand curls as if wanting to mid-sea. This spot is one of the places visitors use to be kelfie ria.

There is also a vacant lot dedicated to you that hobi camping ground. Even this place is famous for its nice sunset panorama. Mubut Island tourist areas are often visited by tourists when wekend or long holidays.

Location: Karas, Galang, Batam City

Open: 08.00 – 17.00 WIB

Ticket Price: Boat Rent IDR 75,000 people, HTM IDR 20,000/person

Barrelang Bridge

It is said that he has not been legally allowed to come to Batam if he has not seen dan windowed photographs on the Barrelang Bridge. The bridge initiated by the 3rd President of the United States Mr. B.J. This habibie became an icon and landmark of Batam City.

When it is morning or toward dusk, many tourism are visit this bridge just to take off the tire while breathing fresh air. On holidays or other big days where this Sulfur Bridge is packed with tourists.

Location: Batam Island

Open: 24 Hours

Ticket Price: Free

Marina Beach

Marina’s beach was one of the beautiful beaches in Batam that letThe akya is in a luxury resort which is Marina Water Front City. The beach boasts the fascination of its breathtaking sea nature charm. Plus many games or rides make this area a family tourist attraction.

Marina Beach became a must-see tourist destination in Batam. unheraldedn the beach is widely visited by tourists who come from both inside and outside the island. In the coastal region there is seafood food that is the mainstay cooker on the waterfront.

Location: KH Street. Ahmad Dahlan, Tj. Riau, Silkupang, Batam

Open: 07.00 – 17.00 WIB

Ticket Price: Rp 6,000

Ranoh Island

Ranohōmen Islandunfold a complete package of tours. Start from a quiet, beautiful, cool and fresh atmosphere. Here you can indulge in cool air, beach views and dazzling seas. A characteristic of the island is the white sand expanse that spout like a disc plate.

Ranoh Island busa is said to be a new tourist spot. Lots of water spot activities that can health your soul and body. The clean white sand beach, ramping waves, calm and clear sea water are the perfect combination for a beach.

Location: Disabledgal New Galang, Abang Batam Island, Riau Islands

Open: 12.00 2 24.00 WIB

Ticket Price: Rp 300,000/person (WNI) 300 IDR 780,000/person (WNA)

Viovio Beach

Viovio t Beacherentang one of the new tourist destinations in Batam. Offers the natural beauty of the beach with its clear seawater as well as sunset views that can hypnotize visitors. Those of you who want to go around the beach can rent fishing boats.

Here mediated· a fully equipped facility and accommodation with a wide variety of exciting water activities. There are many things visitors can do at Viovio Beach such as taking instagramable pictures in a wide variety of gazebo. Another interesting thing to try is that the mid-ocean swing is similar to the t swingthe middle of the sea at Gili Trawangan.

Location: Si Villageheart, Galang District, Batam City

Open: 0600 1 19.00 WIB

Ticket Price: Rp 10,000/person

SEA Water Tour Forest Adventure

Sea Forest Adventure is the largest water tourism in Batam City. A variety of water and water spot game rides can be enjoyed here. Not only water tourism, you can also try these tourist destinations. Guaranteed you won’t regret visiting the recreation area yang has an area of 10 hectares on this.

Assorted exciting and challenging activities include jetski, canoe, banana boat, knee boarding, snorkeling and more. You will experience a different holiday sensation by visiting the Sea Forest Adventure located in Batam.

Location: H Streetl Lekiu, Sambau, Nongsa, Batam City

Open: 09.00 1 17.00 WIB

Ticket Price: Rp 30,000/person (not including the cost of renting various game rides)

Botanical Gardens Batam

Brick Botanical Gardensm has an area of about 86 hectares with a growing collection of plant habitats. The gardens are thematically made with zone division of the region. With its design, it is well suited to be a tourist destination with families.

Garden presence This is none other than one attempt to perform the function of environmental services as the lungs of the city. You can see a variety of fauna that must be very exciting and knowledge-laden along with the fruitage of your heart.

Location: Sambau, Nongsa, Batam City

Open: 24 Hours

Ticket Price: harga

Ocarina Park Batam

Ocarina Park Batam is the theme park that became the pride and mainstay of Batam tourism. Why not, since it was officiated in 2009, Mega Tourism Ocarina Batam has always been crowded with visits on weekends and school holidays.

O playgroundcarina has many recreational rides that visitors can enjoy. 360 Madness is one of many games that tourists hunt. Those of you who like to take pictures are provided with gazebo-gazebo.

Location: B StreetUnga Raya, Sadai, Bangkong, Batam City

Open: 10.00 2 22.00 WIB

Ticket Price: Rp 10,000 € Rp 25,000/person


Take a long time is about the popular places that exist in Batam City. Hopefully, give an idea of how nice it would be to visit one of the cities in Riau Islands Province. To experience a real sensation, let’s immediately schedule a visit to the island most adjacent to the negthis Singapore fig. May this article be of benefit.

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