[Best] 10 Popular Tourist Places in Surabaya 2022

Popular Tourist Site in Surabaya sur Surabayes is the largest metropolitan city in East Java Province, while also becoming the capital city in the province. This city of approximately 326.81 km2 is also the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. No wonder Surabaya has a myriad of interesting tourist spots to visit.

The city that has a million charms and panorama this wonderful nature is often used as a tourist destination by tourists. Known as the city of heroes, it has many cool tourist attractions spots, ranging from tourist spots, cultural sites, history, zoos, to eye-popping waterfalls.

10 Popular Tourist Places in Surabaya 2022

10 Popular Tourist Places in Surabaya 2022
10 Popular Tourist Places in Surabaya 2022

Curious? Check this review out to the finish about popular tourist spots in Surabaya version of StreetTravel which will make your vacation more memorable.

Dancing Fountain

Surabaya City Dancing Fountain Offers an exotic beauty. This fountain located on Kenjeran Bridge is becoming a new tourist spot in Surabaya. Not only are young mudi couples interested in visiting this one place, parents and children also like it very much.

This tour offers fountain dancing mebeautiful liukes with cool colorful LED lights. Not only that, the fountain of the park is also accompanied by music that makes the performance even more remarkable. This dancing fountain show is only once a week, exactly Saturday at 8:00 WIB.

Location: Kenjeran, Bulak Subdistrict, Su Cityrabay
Open: Saturday 20:00 WIB Fountain Schedule
Ticket price: Rp 10,000/person

Surabaya Kenpark

Kenpark Surabaya, a place that used to be tatteredThis dirty and seedy enal became the face of new tourism in Surabaya. This area run by the government and private parties presents a universal studio through Atlantis Land Kenzeran Park.

This region is claimed not to be inferior ton Disneyland, the world theme park, as well as Magic Kingdom Lego Land that already has a name for the world’s tourists. Traveling to Kenpark Surabaya certainly makes your vacation even more exciting and enjoyable.

Location: Sukolilo Street, New Sukolilo Village, Bulak Subdistrict, Surabaya City
Open: 24 Hours
Ticket price: Rp. 15,000/person

The Great Sanggar Temple

The Great Sanggar Temple is a tourist religi for the people who embraced Tridharma. Located on the seashore with its magnificent architecture, it becomes a special treat if you visit this fortification. When observed from a distance, this fortification looks as if it is shining between mangrove forests.

Perfect time to visit clenteng this is in the afternoon. Especially if the weather is clear you can see a stunning sunset view. Don’t forget to perpetuate your serpentine holiday moment at the Great Sanggar Temple.

Location: Ria Kenjeran Beach Road, Sukolilo New, Bulak, City of Surabaya
Open: 24 Hours
Ticket price: Rp 10,000/car, Rp 5,000/motor, Rp 2,500/footprint

Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo (KBS) started setting up the better self with the collection of the animals getting complete. Plus the atmosphere of cool surroundings and acry through the deciduous trees that grow there. The gardens within the zoo are also neatly arranged so that making inbound tourists more comfortable while touring.

KBS even had a chance to be mentioned as toSoutheast Asia’s most complete animal bun because it has a collection of more than 300 kinds of animals. The area also has complete facilities ranging from libraries, toy dealers, monitor bridges, places to rest, to photo spots for mementos.

Location: Setail Road No. 1, Darmo,Wonochromeo, City of Surabaya
Open: 08.30 – 15.30 WIB
Ticket Price: Rp 10,000/person

Hero’s Monument

The Hero’s Monument is a ling-shaped monumentga or reverse nail which is 41.15 meters high and becomes a symbol of the pride of the citizens of Surabaya City. This monument stands in the middle of the city on Surabaya Hero Street. This Surabaya City landmark you can visit every day.

Besides, here you can enjoy bThe variety of folk entertainment and various cuisines that surrounding residents work on. Another landmark that you can meet when visiting the Hero Monument is the statue of the Indonesian proclamator, Ir. Soekarno and Drs. Moh. Hatta in large size.

Location: Hero Street, Contong Square, Bubutan District, Surabaya City
Open: 24 Hours
Ticket Price: Free

Bulak Village

The early villageHis usual. It’s juggling.i new tourist attraction in Surabaya with colorful rainbow-like look, which is Bulak Village. Many visitors stop by this village to hunt down cool photos that can be uploaded on social media.

The village is bubblingah since the reign of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharani, who proposed painting houses during the last 2016 Bulak Fest event. To date, there have been hundreds of colorful painted houses. Not only from within the country, but even foreign tourists come by tok witness the beauty of this Surabaya Bulak Village.

Location: Next to Upantai Ria Kenjeran Beach, Bulak, Surabaya City.
Open: 08.00 22 22.00 WIB
Ticket Price: Rp 2.000/person

Ciputra Waterparc

Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya is claimed as Indonesia’s largest waterpark attraction. The 5-hectare waterpark offers a variety of interesting activities and attractions. The Roc Thunder Ride attraction is one of the many attractions that peng hunts mosta visitor.

recreational park tothis outerga prepared 10 the main rides for visitors. For those of you who love the challenge, try the Roc Tower skateboard. The ride has a 15-meter-high skating tower and is included in one of the extreme rides. A Visit to Ciputra Waterpark SurabAya can certainly thaw the atmosphere with the nearest person.

Location: W Regionaterpark Citral Boulevardand, Sambikerep, Made, City of Surabaya
Open: Weekday 13.00 – 18.30 WIB, Weekend 09.00 – 19.00 WIB
Ticket Price: Rp 75,000 rp Rp 95,000

Mang eco-tourismrove Wonorejo

Mangrov ecotourisme Wonorejo constitutes wisata that combines recreational and educational tourism. The tourist site is well managed by the government of Surabaya City. This area of approximately 200 hectares is farmed with various mangrove plants.

This region is memiliki’s own attraction from the acidity of its nature. Visitors can see the mangrove forest’s miss with the fresh air it beheaded. Visitors can also get around using boats that can be rented. There is also a frame of bamboo that becomes a photo spot faa visitor’s vorite.

Location: Ray Streeta Wonorejo No. 1, Wonorejo, Rungkut, Surabaya City
Open: 08.00 16 16.00 WIB
Ticket Price: Gratis Rp 25,000/person

Bamboo Forest Towhite

Bamboo Pucker Forestih offer its atmosphereman and cool air make tourists flock to this location. The bamboos here are neatly planted in rows longitudinally. Among bamboo groves is a passageway for visitors to pass through.

Current region be a favorite photo spot for tourists visiting here. In every corner was seen visitors who were engrossed in taking pictures. The location is easy to access and the peaceful atmosphere, it is no wonder that this Bamboo Putih Forest is always crowded with visitors.

Location: Ray Street· A Marina Asri, Whip, Sukolilo, City of Surabaya
Open: 24 Hours
Ticket Price: Grat^

De Eye Trick Eye Museum

For those of you who hobi cellfie ria can mevisit one of the cool museums in Surabaya City. There are approximately 120 unique, lifelike 3D paintings that can be made into the background of a photograph. Part of these images are the work of Peter Kusuma.

The museum is wheezingnullify the concept of labyrinthic modelsn, thus making visitors can feel the sensation of dimension as if it were real. In contrast to museums in general, taking pictures is a must-do activity when visiting this one museum.

Location: Surabaya Town Square, First Level 1 73, Hayam Wuruk Road No. 6, Wonokromo District, Surabaya City
Open: 10.00 22 22.00 WIB
Ticket Price: Rp 35,000/person

Final Words

Thus k reviewsami about places popular in Surabaya. Don’t forget to immortalize your joyous moment on a tour of Hero City. But, regardless of wanting to show off the purpose of sightseeing is satisfying the feeling. Don’t forget to keep having fun. May this article be of benefit.

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