[Best] 10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Jambi the Latest You Must Visit

Famous Tourist attractions in Jambi – Jambi is a province of Indonesia located on the east coast of the central part of the Island of Sumatra. It is located in between the other cities in the surrounding provinces make the role of the province is quite important especially with the support of abundant natural resources. Regardless of all that, the Edinburgh offers tourist destination that is quite diverse ranging from historical attractions, waterfalls, lakes, islands, mountains, until both artificial which is certainly a feast for the eyes with its beauty.

Jambi province has its own appeal, almost every corner of the town is able to captivate both local and foreign tourists. Attractions in Jambi divided into three categories, namely natural attractions, historical attractions, and the artificial tourist attraction. Curious? Yuk simak review this thoroughly about the famous tourist attractions in Jambi version JalanTravel. The list of tourist destinations that we rangkumkan in this list has its uniqueness of each, so make sure you visit each of the attractions below.

10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Jambi the Latest You Must Visit

10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Jambi the Latest You Must Visit
10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Jambi the Latest You Must Visit
  1. Waterfall Renah Big River

Waterfall Renah Large River located in Kabupaten Bungo waterfall with a height of about 30 meters and has a discharge of water large enough. The area is very popular and become a favorite tourist destination of the community within and outside the region. The discharge of clear water and waterfalls that are charming enough to become the main attraction of the attractions on this one.

Area of the waterfall is also very cool and cold because it’s surrounded by trees is still very beautiful and lush. For you lovers of photography work, this place is very suitable for use as the city hunting. You can also capture the beauty of nature around which emits a natural charm, which is still in existence and awake.

  1. Jambi Paradise

Jambi Paradise is a tourist attraction made in the form of a garden that is fun and contemporary. It has a land area of about 4 hectares, this area offers natural attractions which are really beautiful. A new tourist attraction also has a variety of rides ranging from the play of the boat, flying fox, went around the maze, up to feed the fish in the lake.

Entering the area of Jambi Paradise, visitors will be presented with spot photos instagramable. Even the location in about a tourist is often used as a photo prawedding by the surrounding community. That is why, every weekend the location is visited by tourists who want to spend holiday time with family and friends.

  1. Turtle Island

Turtle island is one of the places you can’t miss during a visit to the Province of Jambi. This island is uninhabited and has a landscape of exotic nature that are off the coast of the province. In accordance with the name Turtle Island, is the destination of the sea animals that lay eggs.

The main attractions of the island to see the turtles lay their eggs in their natural habitat. But not only that, this island has other charms such as sloping beaches complete with fine sand that feels soft when it tracks. And when the evening arrived do not miss a moment of the sunset is spectacular.

  1. Seven Mountain Lake

Seven Mountain lake is the highest lake in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia with a height of is 1950 meters above sea level. The lake has an area of 960 acres has its own uniqueness that is surrounded by seven mountains. This lake formed by the eruption of Mount Kerinci. The water in the lake was very clear and clean.

With a height of almost 2 kilometers above sea level, this lake has very cold water. Take a dip in the cold water of the Lake Gunung tujuh certainly be a sensation that cannot be found anywhere else. This is a challenge as well as its own pleasure for the mountaineers Seven.

  1. Mount Kerinci

Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano on the Island of Sumatra and the highest volcano in Indonesia. This mountain is famous for its many natural attractions that can be visited during the holidays. So no wonder if many of the tourists trying to visit the place of such nature.

This mountain is located between the mountains of bukit barisan and surrounded by the landscape of the forest of Kerinci Seblat National Park which is home to Tigers and Sumatran Rhinoceros. The peak offers beautiful views, making the attractions in Kerinci is very popular as a climbing destination.

  1. Lake Sipin

Lake Sipin can be said as a mainstay in the City of Jambi. How not, this tourist area has a cool atmosphere and a place berswafoto that instagramable. Its existence had been quite a lot of tourists visit. This place also been used as a place of execution of some agenda of features.

As one of the attractions of the family the widest in the City of Jambi, Lake Sipin offers a panoramic view of the cool as well as a number of recreational facilities for visitors. In the afternoon, the lake is crowded with visitors only to enjoy the breeze or watch the sunset slowly sinking.

  1. Muaro Jambi Temple

Muaro Jambi temple is a complex of temples of Hindu religion Buddha-the largest in Indonesia that are likely relics of the Kingdom of Srivijaya and the Malay Kingdom. This temple became the largest and most well preserved on the Island of Sumatra. Even since 2009, the historic this has been nominated by UNESCO to be a world heritage site.

Although open to the public, tourists should be careful when going around the temple. This is because the manufacture of the temple is made of bricks, so it is quite easily damaged. The manager also provides facilities in the form of bicycles that can be rented by travelers to get around the temple complex.

  1. Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian bridge into the city’s most hot in Jambi. If the bridge is enabled to the vehicle, then the other is the case for the bridge on this one. The bridge is only devoted to pedestrians, therefore the bridge is called as a Pedestrian Bridge.

Since its inauguration in 2015, the bridge is slowly becoming popular among local residents as well as tourists who travel to Jambi. This bridge has its unique design that resembles the letter S and stood firmly on the top of the Batang hari River. Every day the bridge is always shortness of visitors.

  1. Waterfall Talang Kemulun

Waterfall Talang Kemulun is a hidden charm offers a stunning. Even tourism is touted as the hidden paradise in the region of Jambi. Waterfall in the forest of Kerinci National Park (TNKS) that are hidden behind the forest. This is what makes the surroundings still look natural.

This attraction has its own uniqueness that has about 12 levels of the ladder that tall. And the water that flows in each ladder is very clear, cool, and soothing. The scenery is also beautiful and can be enjoyed at the bottom level. The atmosphere that it offers make anyone who come will feel comfortable.

  1. Kebun Teh Kayu Aro

Kebun Teh Kayu Aro can be said as a tea garden, the oldest in Indonesia, located in the Regency of Kerinci. The tea garden is producing black tea called to be one of the best tea in the world. Regardless of all that, the natural landscape that it has also very charming expanse of tea tree and Mount Kerinci was magnificent.

Tea plantation has an area of 3000 acres, and was recorded as the tea garden is the second largest in the world. Visit here you will experience different other than on the others. Here visitors can also pluck the tea leaves directly in the estate with a beautiful view at the foot of Mount Kerinci.


Thus the famous tourist destinations and the latest in Jambi. Already kebayang kan gimana serunya liburan ke Jambi Province. Let’s plan your vacation next to one of the best provinces in Indonesia. Hopefully this article useful.

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