10 Famous Tourist Attractions in Greece That Must be Visited

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With more than sixty inhabited islands, historic sites that stretched for four of the millennium, the beautiful beaches and towering mountains, there are a wide variety of tourist attractions in Greece. The country is home to several historical sites of the most important in the world.

Greece is known for its natural beauty and culture that fascinates. Ancient archaeological sites, cliff falling into the sparkling blue water sand beach, pebbly, and the Mediterranean climate of cool, make Greece one of the major tourist destination of Europe. With its rich history, delicious cuisine, many of the countless beaches, Greece has always been the goal trendy. Here are some destinations in the Land of The Gods.

Famous Tourist attractions in Greece that must be Visited

Famous Tourist attractions in Greece that must be Visited
Famous Tourist attractions in Greece that must be Visited
  1. The Acropolis, Athens

Considered as a symbol of Athens and Greece, the Acropolis is a mound of stones that soars in the heart of Athens modern, in the crown by three magnificent temples dating from the 5th BC. The best-known and most distinctive is the Parthenon, which is composed of 58 columns supporting the roof and decorated by ornate pediment and decoration. The Acropolis include a number of structures such as the Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike and the Erectheion. The Acropolis of Athens is clearly an amazing site to visit.

  1. Santorini

Santorini is the most breathtaking of all the Greek islands. It is famous for the west coast city of the cliff above Fira and Oia. Consists of buildings cubic whitewashed typical Cycladic, many of which have been converted into a boutique hotel with an infinity pool, both Fira and Oia is considered as the destination of a romantic, popular for weddings and honeymoons. Things to do in Santorini including sunbathing and swimming on the beach is volcanic black sand in the south and the east coast, visiting the archaeological site of Akrotiri, and through the ancient Minoan buried under the lava .

  1. Mykonos

The purpose of the island’s most glamorous Greece’s Mykonos. The center of the activities of the night in the Town of Mykonos, famous for its hotels, boutique chic, seafood restaurant, classy, and a place to live music performances. Other attractions include the Paraportiani (whitewashed churches in Mykonos Town) and many sandy beaches along the southern coast of the island. The island is very popular among international celebrities. Mykonos town is the city of Cycladic very beautiful with a maze of small streets and lanes of the stairs whitewashed.

  1. Corfu

Corfu city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, thanks to the architecture of the Italian elegant ruled by the Venetian people for several centuries. Far from the main city, the area is very captivating with limestone rocks falling into the sea in the north and the green hills of velvet in the south. The beach area is most popular are Paleokastritsa, here you will find a collection of the bay and curved that protects the sand and pebbly beach that stretches to the clear blue sea.

  1. Metéora Monasteries

One of the most unusual things to see in Greece is the Plains of Thessaly, where rock outcrops strange is limited by the monasteries of Metéora are centuries-old. On the UNESCO World Heritage list, six of the monastery was opened to the public. Visitors need to climb some stairs stone carved in the rocks to reach each monastery, and in it you will find the candle that flickered, religious icons, painting the walls of the Byzantine, and incense are lit. Opening hours vary, and to see the sixth monastery, you have to spend at least one day in the area.

  1. Zákynthos

Home to beautiful scenery both above and under the sea that surrounds it, the island of Zákynthos (Zante) is the other major tourist destinations in Greece. This area is also easily accessible, with the location of only 16 kilometers off the west coast of the Peloponnese in the Ionian Sea. Two beaches and attractions in this place is a pebble beach with sand Beach and Shipwreck of the famous caves of the sea such amazing Blue Cave. In it, sparkling water reflects the color of the sky blue on the walls of caves that creates a magical light. Blue cave is just one of the many attractions of the water around this island. And don’t forget to snorkeling and scuba diving a very thrilling.

  1. Nafplio

Often touted as the most beautiful cities in Greece, Nafplio was a weekend destination for Athenians. Built on a small peninsula on the east coast of the Peloponnese, making it the first capital of modern Greece in 1828 before Athens took over in 1834. Old town smoke the car is filled with Neoclassical houses and churches are unique from the 18th century. Explore the small streets bounded by the neoclassical houses covered with bougainvillea hanging. Tourism can also climb the stairs of the castle to watch the sunset and enjoy a panoramic view of the Bay.

  1. Delos

One of the archaeological sites of history and mythology of the most important in the country, Delos is a small island that is covered by the open-air museum off the coast of Mykonos in the Cyclades. Mythology says that Apollo and Artemis were born on the island, thus no man is allowed to be born or be buried on the island of scripture. This area is a place that has a lot of artifacts from the era of the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic. Overall, a visit to the island is more than just admire the history.

  1. Mystras

Mystras is a city located in the Mount Taygetos in the Peloponnese. This area is a relic in the last decades of the Byzantine era, and now consists of the old city surrounded by the walls of the top of the hill. Up to this time known as the church-Byzantine church with wall paintings that are flashy and also surrounded by beautiful nature. Visitors can drop in to the modern village of Mystras, which displays the traditional architecture and a small square that is beautiful. Located near ancient Sparta, Mystras became the capital of the Peloponnesus in the 14th century and the 15th, ruled by relatives of the Byzantine emperor.

  1. Delphi Theatre

In ancient times, Delphi was the site of the most important in the religion of ancient Greece and home to the sanctuary and oracle of Apollo. This theater was built on top of a hill that gives the audience a view of the whole nature reserve and the spectacular scenery below. Originally built in the 4th and can accommodate 5,000 spectators. A site mystical considered sacred by the people of ancient Greece, sanctuary of Delphi is considered as the center of the world. Nearby, stands the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, which is exhibiting a collection of findings that impressive of these sites. Delphi is located 180 kilometers northwest of Athens.

Final Words

Thus some of the famous places in Greece you must visit. Places above has its own uniqueness. So make sure you visit all the destinations we’ve rangkumkan list this.

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