10 Coffee Shops in Banda Aceh Most Convenient and Perfect for Hanging Out

Convenient Coffee Shop in Banda Aceh – Aceh is very familiar with sebutan towns a thousand and one coffee shops. No wonder you’ll find a lot of coffee shops in every part of this province. Coffee is becoming a trend that many Aceh people as well as most Indonesians love.

Aceh is also known for its paradise of coffee connoisseurs. UnrecognizableYoung and old gan, smoking is like being a must-have every day. Moreover, Aceh has some distinctive coffee whose enjoyment is already widely known to the people of the country. This article will discuss the 10 coffee shops in Banda Aceh most convenient and suitable for hanging out the version of JalanTravel.

Coffee Shops in Banda Aceh Most Convenient and Perfect for Hanging Out

10 Coffee Shops in Banda Aceh Most Convenient and Perfect for Hanging Out
10 Coffee Shops in Banda Aceh Most Convenient and Perfect for Hanging Out

Drinking coffee has long been a culture among the people of Aceh. There are various coffee shops in Banda Aceh, both new and legendary. Check out this review to the end of the popular coffee shop in Banda Aceh.

Coffee Dhapu

Dhapu Kupi is a coffee shop located on the intersection street·Mangkang Surabaya which has been standing since 2008. Designed with an open concept, Dhapu Kupi offers new colors compared to other coffee shops in Banda Aceh.

Coffee powder Dhapu Coffee is quality coffee powder grown dan in process in the highlands of Aceh. No wonder many visitors want to spend hours at this one shop while enjoying a cup of coffee that has a certain distinctive flavor image.

Solong Coffee

Solong Coffee can be said to be one of the legendary coffee shopsris in Banda Aceh. How not, this one coffee shop has been established since 1970 and came to be widely known to the public in 1999 by having a unique coffee characteristic.

The coffee served in this shop is self-processed by the owner. The coffee potion uses corn beans, sugar and butter and is combined with robusta coffee beans so that it can attract both local and foreign visitors.

Zakir Kupi

Source: @affiefmuh_islam
Warkop Zakir Kupi is one of the favorite hangouts in Banda Aceh. The coffee shop located in the Keutapang area has five branches spread across Aceh Province.

This one place is quite unique, has an interior design different fromn other coffee shops. Having fully equipped facilities of mossola, wifi-id, and a comfortable enough place is ideal for those of you who want to relax.

Kulam Dhapu Kayee

Warkop Kulam which is in Pango area is also included in daftar a favorite young-muddy hangout to enjoy coffee. Offering a large enough tavern area as well as free WI-FI access available, it is perfect for you to wear as a place to take off your tardiness after doing office activities.

This coffee shop is also famous for its specialty Aceh coffee brand enak. A wide variety of other foods and beverages are also available in this place, plus providing beans and coffee powder for taking home as a by-product.

Warkop Ngohya Ngopi

Warkop Ngohya located in Cot Iri Ulee Karee presents pemother means than others. On this list Warkop Ngohya is a popular coffee shop, where the shop is closest to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport by offering a natural landscape of gardens, rivers and rice fields.

Known under another name Warkop Cot Iri has a dependant menu.pa robusta coffee. You also used to do other activities such as feeding goldfish downstairs.

Tower Coffee

With its exclusive look as well as modern, Tower Coffee is capable of menarik the youth-driver’s interest even the old man to visit. Tower Coffee is on Intersection Five of David Beureueh’s Tgk Street. The warkop has a design with luxurious minimalist decorations.

Famous for its good coffee and tea pull as well as its place It’s comfortable to wear to hang out with friends even with family. Not only drinks, it also provides food in the form of soto and its steady fried rice.

Rumoh Aceh Kupi Luwak

The next favorite hangout is Rumoh Aceh Kupi Luwak. Here you can enjoy snacking at a traditional Aceh house. Rumoh Aceh Kupi has a unique and traditional design. Coffee stewa and arabica serve as the main menu of the warkop located in Banda Aceh.

Coffee powder in this warkop 100% original mongoose coffee comes from Gayo, which is carefully processed so as to produce quality flavors. This coffee place is perfect for you to look for a relaxing and quiet place.

Voz Coffee

Voz Coffee beris on Rama Setia Street, Lampadai, Banda Aceh. This place is very much used by young people to spend watu together while enjoying a nice brew of coffee. The Warkop operating from 0700-0000 offers a comfortable place and highly creative design.

Not only itu, this one coffee shop also often holds music events, you know. For those of you who want to have a coffee with the nearest person, it’s not wrong to visit this cafe Voz Coffee Lampayah. And don’t forget to take a picture at some saucy and instagramable photo spots.

Kubra (Cupi) Beurawe)

Kubra merupakan coffee shops with a simple concept, but always crowded and crowded will be visitors. Sanger being the mainstay of this one warkop, many coffee lovers are ordering sanger here. This coffee shop also became one of the legendary warcops in Banda Aceh along with Solong Kupi Ule Kareeng.

Located in daErah Beurawe Banda Aceh, even though it does not provide the tavern’s WI-FI facilities, it is included in one of the crowded wardops every day. Not only sanger, there are some other good menus such as robusta black coffee as well as brown black coffee.

Zam Zam Coffee

Yes according to dengnamanya its name, the coffee in this shop is made with zam-cham water. Located on Dr. Mr. Street moch Hasan, there are many menu options you can order in this one such as arabika feeberry, alvocado coffee juice, banana coffee and more.

All kinds of miThe numan here uses zam-sham water. Like Arabika coffee combined with zam-zam water becomes a special menu in this shop. Regular visitors order avocado ice coffee that combines espresso singles and avocado fruits into a favorite menu there.

Final Words

That’s all, brief about the comfortable coffee place in Banda Aceh. So which coffee shop do you think is the best? What is certain is that if you want to go on a vacation to Banda Aceh or are in the vicinity, don’t forget to enjoy Aceh’s signature coffee of course. May this Article be of benefit.

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