10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung Most Cool and Fun

Beautiful tourist in Lampung – Lampung is one of the provinces in Indonesia with the capital city of Bandar Lampung. The province has 2 cities and 13 counties. Behind it all, Lampung offers a variety of travel destination beautiful. This area is located most south of the Island of Sumatra, which store a myriad of natural attractions ranging from beaches, waterfalls, mountain, up to the travel spot photos beautiful present.

Lampung directly adjacent to the province of Bengkulu and South Sumatra, and of Jakarta is only 337,3 km course. No wonder many tourists from the capital city who flocked here to see directly the natural landscape that it offers. This article will discuss some of the tourist attractions in Lampung coolest version JalanTravel. Check out this review to complete.

Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung Most Cool and Fun

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung Most Cool and Fun
10 Best Tourist Attractions in Lampung Most Cool and Fun
  1. Waterfall Shy Daughter

Location: Forest Register, Banjit, Way Kanan Regency, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

Waterfall Shy Princess is spot recreation of the nuanced nature in Lampung, which has not yet been exposed widely. This waterfall is predicted as the heaven is hidden by the surrounding community. How not, the waterfall with a height of 80 meters this has very clear water and segara.

The area is also still very green and natural, so as to produce the cool air and the atmosphere is peaceful. With everything he had, making this place a spot that is very appropriate for you who want a refreshing. And don’t forget berswafoto with a background in spot Waterfall Shy Princess.

  1. White Sand Beach

Location: Rangai Tri Tunggal, Kec. Katibung, Lampung Selatan, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

Its White Sand Beach Lampung offers a world of stunning natural beauty. This region became the target of many travelers. It is also not too far away, about 45 km from the city center. When first setting foot in the tourist area you will be presented panorama and also the magnificent natural scenery around the beach.

A very soft white sand and the sea water is so clear is the perfect combination for a beach. A row of trees that are in the area of the beach add to the atmosphere become more exotic. For visitors who are hunting spot a gorgeous photo, of course panorama displayed this beach gives the impression and also an interesting experience.

  1. Teluk Kiluan

Location: Pekon Kiluan, Kec. Kelumbayan, Kab. Tanggamus, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

Kiluan bay is a beach attractions with the condition of the bay is still very natural, have not been touched by human hands. The bay talked about the lovers of nature and had become a hot thread in Kaskus. The atmosphere of calm is felt around the bay, it is very suitable for you who want a break from the activities of the office tiring.

The main activity in the gulf is around the seas with a boat there. Along the way a lot of dolphins that can be seen directly in front of the eyes. If you go further into the middle of the sea, you will be able to see the pope. Other activities like snorkeling, you can also do in the area.

  1. Beach Shark Teeth

Location: Pekon Implant, Kelumbayan, Kab. Tanggamus, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

The distinctive feature of the Beach Shark Teeth is the presence of the ranks of the rocks scattered along the beach. This became the uniqueness of this beach that can’t be found in other beaches. Visit here you will not find a stretch of sand, because the Beach Shark’s Tooth it does not have sand.

The beach is full of expanses of rocks artistically spread naturally along the coast. This scenery will make the tourists spellbound. With the exotic, this beach offers a charm that cannot be ignored. Visit Beach attractions Teeth the Shark will give an unforgettable vacation.

  1. Crater Keramikan Suoh

Location: District Sekincau, Three Jaya, Suoh, Kab. Lampung Barat, Lampung
Open: 08.00 – 22.00 WIB

Crater Keramikan Suoh is a phenomenon of the geothermal steam which is located in the area of forest National Park and Bukit Barisan Selatan (TNBBS). The hot steam that is produced of this earth has a pungent odor and of course very beautiful scenery. You can take pictures with the background of the smoke as if it were above the clouds.

Keramikan Suoh in the form of lava hardened, so that it forms such as cement proximity to a source of hot water from the earth. Therefore, to pass this needed a local guide who’ve memorized the path to dodge terpesorok into the flow of hot water which is very dangerous.

  1. Lake Lematang

Location: The Village Of Lematang, Kec. Tanjung Bintang, Lampung Selatan
Open: 24 hours

Lake Lematang or better known as the Iron Lake is located in the Village of this Block, is only about 25 km from the city center of Bandar Lampung. As the name implies, the lake is located in the middle of the mining of iron ore. Soil conditions brownish hilly will greet you before encountered the lake beautiful green bath of the mirror of the sky.

The surface of the lake is colored green that contrasts with the sand kecoklatannya on the side of the shallow lake. If the day is clear reflection of the clouds into the water of the lake will give you a view that is so beautiful. A visit to the Lake Lematang you will feel the holiday other than on the others.

  1. Muncak Marine Binoculars

Location: Mount Muncak, Sukajaya Lempasing, Padang Cermin, Kab. Pesawaran, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

Muncak Marine Binocular is one of the most instagramable in Lampung. This tour is a new tourist destination that is being down load among young children today. The natural landscape that surrounded the peak is quite promising beauty. The Panorama offered that is the beauty of the sea from the top of the muncak.

Gazebo-the gazebo is also scattered in tourist areas such as Lodge Maribaya, which is located in Lembang, Bandung. Don’t know the time of day or night you can still see the awesome scenery. When the night the twinkling lights add to the atmosphere more romantic. Not a few who do sessions prewedding in Muncak Tirtayasa.

  1. Rubber Plantation Trikora

Location: Unnamed Road, Karang Anyar, Kec. Jati Agung, Kab. Lampung Selatan, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

Rubber plantation Trikora one of the tourist attractions in Lampung that is on the rise. This tourist area is very resemble attractions in Japan. In Japan, presents a view of the bamboo forest, but in Lampung presenting the rubber garden neat. Its beauty is almost similar to the one in the Land of the Rising Sun.

This area is always crowded with young people to spend time taking pictures. Rubber plantation Trikora as if to resemble a tunnel of nature that is formed from the tropical rubber tree. So the resulting photos were very timely and instagramable banget anyway.

  1. Peak Mas

Location: Jalan PB. Marga, Sukadana Ham, Kec. Tj. Coral Team, The City Of Bandar Lampung, Lampung
Open: 08.00 – 23.00 WIB

The peak of Mas Lampung, heaven spot for photos at the height of the Float, that’s the phrase of those who have been there.Locations that are at the top of the hill, making the Top of the Mas have a view of nature refreshes the eyes. Plus the fresh air typical of the mountains that can reconcile the mind, heart and soul.

Spot the gazebo in the form of substation of view was more scattered in the tourist area. From the height of the tops here visitors can enjoy the view of the urban, the mountains and also the sea. If you are visiting Lampung don’t forget to visit the Peak of Mas, guaranteed not gonna let you down you know.

  1. Pulau Tegal Mas

Location: Gebang, Pesawaran, Lampung
Open: 24 hours

Pulau Tegal Mas is an uninhabited island that is predicted as the Maldives of Indonesia. This island has a beauty that is unbelievably beautiful and you’ll find a resort or cottage floating above the surface of the sea. Sea water green tosca clear, with coral reefs are beautiful into the main sights in front of the resort.

The natural wealth under the sea was no less great as usually excellent compared to the location of diving in Indonesia. Tourists can dive or snorkel to explore different types of fish as well as the flora and fauna under the sea. If you’re lucky, the diver can meet with the green sea turtle large. This area became one of the city most visited by tourists.

That’s some places varied and interesting in Lampung that you can visit. All the tourist destinations of the above have the beauty and the uniqueness of each. Hopefully this article useful.

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