10 Best Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo Most Beautiful and Attractive

A place Both Wonderful in Gorontalo – Gorontalo is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a capital city, namely the City of Gorontalo. This province is famous with its maritime and objects that great nan interesting. Even some of the tourist destinations in this area is not less beautiful with attractions that are outside the country. Visit Province of Gorontalo, you will feel the thrill of an unforgettable holiday.

The same is the case with the Aceh known Mecca, Gorontalo known by the nickname Medina Porch. That’s because Gorontalo defined as the city of the indigenous support program halal tourism and halal in Indonesia. Regardless of all that, many kinds of attractions here ranging from nature, culture, history, religion, to culinary tourism are really satisfying meal. Check out this review to complete about some of the beautiful places in Gorontalo.

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo Most Beautiful and Attractive

Best Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo Most Beautiful and Attractive
Best Tourist Attractions in Gorontalo Most Beautiful and Attractive
  1. Pulo Cinta

Who does not know the Maldives. Located in the Maldives it is famous for its resort driftwood and landscape beautiful nature. But in Indonesia there is one place that is not less beautiful with the resort floating in the Maldives, namely Pulo Cinta. Yes, in Pulo Cinta you will find Eco Resort is very beautiful.

Pulo Cinta surrounded by wonderful beaches and exotic, and has a unique shape that is shaped love. There are 15 floating Cottages are connected by a wooden bridge position heart-shaped surround Pulo Cinta. With all its no wonder that the island is nicknamed the Maldives of Indonesia.

  1. Waterfall Tenilo

Waterfall Tenilo which is located in Boalemo District, has a natural beauty that is not less interesting with the places around it. The city is somewhat hidden and not a lot of exposure, so the atmosphere is still very beautiful and natural.

This waterfall falls from a height of 40 m, and hit the stone at the bottom to give a splash of fresh water. Formations of the rocks under the waterfall with trees shade the more add to the exotic location that is not far away from residential areas.

  1. Olele Marine Park

Olele beach is famous for its wealth of marine life beneath the waters around the coast. Within 20 km from the center of Gorontalo City, Olele Beach has clean white sand and coral reefs are still solid and well preserved.

Coral colorful with its diverse and visibility good water will welcome anyone who tries to menyeburkan yourself into the waters of Olele Marine Park. The location is close to residential areas, but the distance does not make the surrounding waters polluted.

  1. Saronde Island

Beach Saronde is one of the most favorite domestic and foreign tourists. Overlooking the sea stunning sea water and clear making this attraction hunted a lot of tourists. Nothing wrong if the Beach Saronde called heaven world Gorontalo because of her beauty was indeed make the eyes hard to turn away.

Many visitors flock to witness the beautiful beaches with sea blue fresh as well as the expanse of the passive white smooth. For those of you who want to stay, there is an floating above the beach. And it can directly enjoy the beauty of the beach, the breeze, and the sound of the waves.

  1. Bukit Layang

View of the city from the top of the height is indeed very exciting. In Gorontalo, you can enjoy the beauty of the city from the height of which is in the Hill Overpass with a height of about 700 meters above sea level. Landscape blue sky and the clouds are scattered will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

The tourist area of Bukit Layang also has a stretch of land airy spacious. Many visitors do camping ground on top of the hill to enjoy the sunrise in the morning. At night the atmosphere that is displayed is also very beautiful with the twinkling lights of the night adds to the atmosphere so the more romantic.

  1. The Golden Dome Mosque Walima

The Golden Dome mosque Walima is built at a height of 250 feet above sea level. This mosque offers a gorgeous view for visitors who come to these locations. The form of magnificent mosque with its unique architecture will make heart feel peaceful and at ease.

For those of you who want to enjoy the natural landscape from a height with the nuances of religion, then a Mosque Walima Gold became one of the places that must be visited. From here one can see a row of homes and fishing boats docked in the coastal area.

  1. Gulf Of Tomini

Tomini bay is a bay of the largest in Indonesia with an area of approximately 6 million hectares. And there are about 90 of the island lies in the gulf region. The Gulf of Tomini has a view of the bottom of the sea. The topography of the beach bumpy and a lot of muddy so that it fits so habitat of mangrove trees and coral reefs and other marine life.

In the middle there is one active volcano, it becomes its own uniqueness from the Gulf of Tomini. This area is also considered as the heart of the world’s coral triangle, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. There are many activities that can be done in the bay ranging from diving, snorkeling, playing water, until around the bay boat.

  1. Island Diyonumo

Island Diyonumo is the ideal place to witness the landscape in the area of beach, land, and under water. This destination is one of the tourist attraction that is very beautiful and suitable to spend the holidays. One of the easiest ways enjoyed is the beauty of nature at the peak of the hill thatch and white beach which is so charming.

The expanse of green grass in the top of the hill with the blue sea around it is complete to witness the beautiful painting of the Almighty in North Gorontalo. Other activities that can be done here such as browse the contents of the sea by snorkeling, diving, until beburu sunset beautiful when the evening arrived.

  1. Beach Botubarani

In addition to Olele Marine Park that has been known to corners of the world, Gorontalo still have a unique beaches that will not be found in other places. The uniqueness of the its is the existence of the whale shark that its appearance is hard to find in the shallow waters of Indonesia. The whale shark to be excellent in the tourist area of this one.

See and feed the animal the rare one this has become a magnet for local, domestic, and foreign. In spite of that, the Beach Botubarani is already offering panoramic views complete with white sand that is soft. Walk around the beach using fishing boats also become the spot that most often target the visitor.

  1. Beach Queen Tenilo

Beach Queen can be an alternative for those of you who are looking for attractions in Gorontalo. The beach located in the Village of Tenilo it has a long coastline, white sandy beaches, and the beauty of the sea, making the Beach the Queen is very fitting used as a vacation spot. It is also not too far, about an hour’s drive from the center of the District Was.

Here visitors can enjoy a gazebo located at the top of the water, by the way across the ocean using the corridors of wood that connect to it. For those who want to stay contained cottage with widely varied, of course with affordable price. There are also camping by doing the camping ground off the coast.

Final Words

Well, that’s some reviews about the tourist places beautiful and attractive in Gorontalo. Interesting and exciting attractions in this area. All destinations above can certainly make you never cease to be amazed. Hopefully this article useful.

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