10 Beautiful and Famous Tours in Aceh Must Visit

Beautiful Tourist Site in Aceh – Aceh is one of the d provincesi Indonesia which has the capital city of Banda Aceh. Known by another name Serambi mecca is the site of the first Islamic religion in Nusantara. Despite all that, Aceh has a very complete range of tourist attractions. From historic, cultural tours, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, to awesome island tours.

The province has a magnificent natural beauty, no wonder Aceh become one of tourist destinations incarcerated tourists when vacation comes. After the 2004 tsunami disaster, Aceh again managed its tourism sector well. Here you can see the splendor of the Tsunami Museum built in memory of the great events of the past.

10 Beautiful and Famous Tourist Site in Aceh Must Visit

10 Beautiful and Famous Tourist Site in Aceh Must Visit
10 Beautiful and Famous Tourist Site in Aceh Must Visit

There are so many beautiful places in Aceh that you can explore totika a visit to the Province. But we have selected the 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in Aceh version of JalanTravel that you must visit.

Island Many

Many islands in the Aceh Singkil area offer a panty atmosphereai is long and beautiful. The island consists of a cluster of islands bordering directly on the Indian Ocean. The waves of the lush coconut leaves further embellish the holiday atmosphere with the natural stretches of tropical beaches.

A visit to Aceh is not complete if you do not explore dthe tourist estination of Many Island. You can also watch dolphins clamber while enjoying an underwater panorama through diving activities. The island is also so clean that it makes tourists comfortable when enjoying its beauty.

Waterfall of 7 Angels

Switching to the North Aceh area is one of the dear tourist spots.To pass that is the Falls of 7 Angels. The waterfall has the main attraction of its leveled water and is so clear. Here you will feel the cool air with a splash of fresh water. The place is also very quiet because it is far from the hustle and bustle of the city makes the soul feel calm.

When the holidays come the 7 Angel Falls area is crowded with visitors the tourists. This area is well suited to wear as a relaxation place to remove the vigor from exhaustive office activities. A visit to this one tour will give you an unforgettable holiday sensation.

Rice Island

The next beautiful tourist attraction in Aceh is Nasi Island. Known under another name Peunasu is a inhabited island in Aceh Pulo District located north of Banda Aceh. The island that holds a variety of tourist destinations has not been heavily explored by tourists so its authenticity is still preserved.

The calm waves and the greenish blue sea water became the attraction yang alluring from Rice Island. The stunning natural landscape plus the richness of the locals makes you instantly fall in love at first impressions. For travelers who are about to hunt the sunset Lhok Mata Ie Beach becomes the location we recomended.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque

Going to the capital of Aceh is one of the must-visit places athe Baiturrahman Mosque. The mosque is located very strategically, just in the heart of Banda Aceh City. It has a huge dome as well as a tower reaching an altitude of 35 meters so that from a distance you can already see this proud mosque of Aceh people.

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque which is this historic place memang radiates enchanting attraction. This beautiful and magnificent style of mosque architecture has high artistic value. It is no wonder that this mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia. Some also compare its beauty to the Taj Mahal in India.

Brayeun Leupung

Brayeun Leupung is a water tour located in Kabupaten Aceh Big. The location is very adept because it is flanked by towering mountains, green trees, falling water gives a growing atmosphere. This cool, green area is perfect for those of you who seek tranquility as well as freshness on vacation.

Brayeun irrigation bath became the most popular water tourism site in Aceh Greater District. The tour also offers exotic scenery typical of Aceh nature. Brayeun Leupung can be said to be a family tourist attraction. Visiting here is guaranteed to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

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Museum Tsunami

Tsunami Museum built in memory of the deeply possessed woundsan Aceh people. This museum of West Java Governor (Ridwan Kamil) designs has an awesome architecture. The design combines traditional Aceh houses that are shaped like huge waves like tsunami waves.

The historic museum began to be inaugurated in 2008 and began dukauka to the public in 2011. The museum is also a s

The historic museum began to be inaugurated in 2008 and began opening to the public in 2011. The museum is also a symbol of the resurrection of the people of Aceh in the disaster that devastated their homeland in 2004. The Tsunami Museum is a tourist destination you should go to when taking a vacation to Aceh.

Weh Island

Weh Island is a small island at the western end of Indonesia with beautiful beaches and undersea paradise. Some say the island of Weh its beauty is equivalent to Bali Island. Call it Iboih Beach, which is a favorite tourist destination in Sabang. Diving and snorkeling are the things you have to do here.

The sea water is very clear and bluish making the eyes reluctant to switch. This 60 Km2 volcanic island is the only habitat native to Bufo Valhallae whose status is endangered. On this island you can also witness the existence of a big-mouthed shark. There are also inns in the form of resorts for you ingin spend the night.

Lampuk Beach

Lampuk Beach becomes a crowded prima donna visited every day. Either from Banda Aceh, Melaboh, or other areas this area is always crowded with visitors. White sandspreads and lush pine trees make it an ideal place to take off vigor. As far as the eye can see visitors can see a row of pegsnungan and water a clear-looking sea of greenery.

The beaches face the Indian Ocean immediately, giving it an enchanting natural landscape. Things you can do here are like going around the ocean on banana boats, swimming, and trying a variety of good cuisines. For those who want to stay, there are lodgings in the form of losmen to cottages with vacationersnan and facilitatea desired bag.

Mincau Island

Mincau Island is in Simeuleu County and is becoming a new tourist destination in this region of the county. Besides local tourists, foreign tourists also don’t miss out on coming to this beautiful nan exotic island. The island offers the charm of a virgin white beach and spoils the eyes.

Not just in terms of coastal beauty, Mincau Island has other potentials such as turtle’s cradle. His existence became his own attraction on the island. Even Mincau Island was once used as a filming spot for a bikini product from Hawaii. You will be amazed by the panoramic beauty that pul has.au on the coast west of this Indonesia.

Lhoknga Beach

Lhoknga Beach is not far from Lampuk Beach and emits an ouchai natural landscape. Lhoknga Beach is identical to the best surfing spot as well as fishing spot. Especially for surfers, the waves on this beach are huge and fierce has become well known among the international surfing community.

There are at least five surfing spot points that are the mainstay for surfers. With its waves so big, it is recommended not to swim in this coastal region. Lhoknga Beach is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset. Waiting for sunset accompanied by the wind blowing will make it a holidayan abac feelurna.

Final Words

Those are some of the recommendations about beautiful tourist spots in Aceh. Spending holiday time visiting Aceh can be the best solution to relax the thoughts of daily routines. May this article be of benefit.

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